Aviation Grade Hardware

FreshArmy is proud to present our newest addition to our skateboarding hardware line up. Every batch is manufactured to meet Federal Aviation Administration specifications and is awarded a Parts Manufacturer Approval certificate to guarantee the highest quality available in the aerospace industry.
  • Special Force. 333.
  • Op. Fénix
  • Serial. NO. 20-20 Collection
  • Operation Fenix

    Our hardware is manufactured with a 100 degree countersunk head to help prevent pressure cracks on wood, has a high tensile strength to withstand shear tension loads

    Special Force. 333.

    Cadmium plated to protect the alloy steel screw from corrosion due to harsh weather conditions, and is manufactured with close tolerance threads for situations where strength and durability are the primary concern making this product a great application for skateboarding.

    Serial. NO. 20-20

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