Special Force .333 Collection

FreshArmy since day one has been dedicated to providing high quality products for an affordable price. The sole purpose for this has been so that no person feels left out because they cannot afford the high quality goods they seek.

 Even though skateboarding is technically considered the least expensive out of all mainstream action sports, the initial purchase of a skateboard set up is still considered a substantial mount of money for the majority of the people looking to get their hands on a skateboard.



Special Force T-shirt


Since the days of stealing your sibling’s roller skates and shaping your own boards, the corporate game has found its way into our culture and capitalized on the sense of freedom that comes with the action of riding a skateboard. With so many regurgitated products and ideas out there, it has become quite difficult to differentiate what is actually worth what you pay for.


Special Force .333 Pullover




This brings us to our “FENIX” hardware presentation. Our hardware is made by top manufacturers in the Aerospace industry and certified for use on all Aircraft. Once again we are able to bring you a quality product at an affordable price. Not only is it affordable, but has qualities that your generic hardware brands cannot match.


Fenix Skateboard Hardware


Like a “FENIX” rising from the ashes we are resurrecting the idea that anyone can be a part of our movement no matter what background one come from. Skateboarding is a big family and we encourage everyone to explore their talents and discover the possibilities that come with allowing one to be themselves.




Skateboarding Hardware




Fresh Army




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